2004 Fast 50

37: DefenseWeb Technologies Inc.
Location: Fredericksburg, Va.
Annual growth rate: 64.80%
2003 Revenue: 1,873,418
2002 Revenue: 2,425,216
2001 Revenue: 3,571,580
2000 Revenue: 2,700,794
1999 Revenue: 254,009
Leadership: Douglas A. Burke
Number of employees: 20
Website: www.defenseweb.com
Lines of business: Design, development and deployment of secure information and training systems
Major customers: Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy
Major contracts/projects: DefenseWeb developed a Clinical Information System for the Air Force Family Advocacy Program. The system facilitates case detail entry at the base program level and transmits it to a central Air Force repository. The system consists of two parts. Client desktop applications collect patient data at each field office and a centralized server collects medical and treatment data from offices across the Air Force. The system automates the entry of maltreatment and prevention cases, assists in the completion of numerous administrative processes, and allows authorized personnel to electronically submit case data. Each field office''s client application uploads its new case data to a central server.