2004 Fast 50

30: Gray Hawk Systems Inc.
Location: Alexandria, Va.
Annual growth rate: 79.18%
2003 Revenue: 58,276,000
2002 Revenue: 39,146,000
2001 Revenue: 16,610,000
2000 Revenue: 8,473,000
1999 Revenue: 5,654,000
Leadership: Harry M. Howton
Number of employees: 426
Website: www.grayhawksystem.com
Lines of business: Knowledge management, decision support, data visualization, intelligence processing, network engineering, secure collaboration, information system services, infrastructure protection, warfare systems engineering, risk assessment and remediation
Major customers: Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force, intelligence community, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Naval Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, Naval Surface Warfare Center,
Major contracts/projects: Gray Hawk Systems engineers support key transformation activities in the counter terror and counterintelligence fields at the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. The company''s focus is on knowledge management to assure the right information gets to the right decision makers at the right time. Global Hawk delivers secure networks, secure facilities and analysts/engineers that know the mission and can parse intelligence segments. The company also provides risk and vulnerability assessments for force protection and critical infrastructure protection at all levels of government and the private sector.