2004 Fast 50

43: SiloSmashers Inc.
Location: Fairfax, Va.
Annual growth rate: 58.16%
2003 Revenue: 13,093,000
2002 Revenue: 9,269,239
2001 Revenue: 2,981,609
2000 Revenue: 2,144,111
1999 Revenue: 2,092,494
Leadership: Angela M. Drummond
Number of employees: 86
Website: www.silosmashers.com
Lines of business: Enterprise architecture, performance metrics, data collection, analytical services, E-government, IT capital planning, project management support, acquisition planning, competitive sourcing, human capital management, knowledge management
Major customers: Appalachian Regional Commission, Center for Disease Control, Agriculture Department, Commerce Department, Education Department, Energy Department, Department of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security Department, Interior Department, Labor Department, State Department, Transportation Department, Treasury Department, General Services Administration, NASA
Major contracts/projects: The Coast Guard hired SiloSmashers for their Dining Facility Automation Management Project. Under the contract, SiloSmashers will travel to 90 Coast Guard units in 31 states and make recommendations for the automation of dining facility management. The company will provide program management, oversight, culture and communications, organizational change, business process evaluation and economic financial analysis.