2004 Fast 50

34: Zen Technology Inc.
Location: Bethesda, Md.
Annual growth rate: 70.08%
2003 Revenue: 17,834,299
2002 Revenue: 10,511,496
2001 Revenue: 6,263,404
2000 Revenue: 3,796,211
1999 Revenue: 2,131,417
Leadership: Leslie Wilson Butler
Number of employees: 200
Website: www.zentech.com
Lines of business: Systems engineering, database/systems administration, network management, IT consulting
Major customers: Defense Department, Department of Housing and Urban Development, FCC, EPA
Major contracts/projects: Zen Technology has been assisting the Federal Communications Commission spectrum auction system for the past five years. This auction system is used to promote competitive bidding on licenses for the electromagnetic spectrum used by television, cellular, pager and other technologies. These public auctions have generated over $40 billion in revenue for the federal government since their inception. Zen provides database and systems administration support, ensuring a secure and stable environment for both remote and local users.