2004 Fast 50

3: Preferred Systems Solutions Inc.
Location: Fairfax, Va.
Annual growth rate: 152.06%
2003 Revenue: 13,424,762
2002 Revenue: 10,120,318
2001 Revenue: 9,243,967
2000 Revenue: 1,174,931
1999 Revenue: 177,994
Leadership: Robert J. Hisel Jr.
Number of employees: 165
Website: www.pssfed.com
Lines of business: Information technology services, management support services, engineering services, manufacturing support
Major customers: Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency, Food and Drug Administration, Postal Service, Transportation Security Administration
Major contracts/projects: Preferred Systems Solutions has supported the Army''s Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command for more than 8 years. Currently, they have five contracts, under which they support the command''s Systems Response Center, the Command Information Decision Support System, the Defense Table of Distances, the Transportation Financial Management System and Database Management, Reporting and Maintenance at Fort Eustis. They provide services such as systems development, system server administration and business process reengineering.