2007 Fast 50

42: Buan Consulting Inc.
Location: Annapolis, Md.
Annual growth rate: 64.39%
2006 Revenue: 765,410
2005 Revenue: 933,836
2004 Revenue: 223,771
2003 Revenue: 338,105
2002 Revenue: 104,818
Leadership: Dan Buan
Number of employees: 12
Website: www.buanconsulting.com
Lines of business: Customer relationship management and knowledge management
Major customers: Securities and Exchange Commission, Homeland Security and Labor departments, NASA Goddard, Army, Energy Department and National Park Service
Major contracts/projects: The company has helped the SEC make better use of its knowledge management software and portal solutions. At DHS, it developed new strategies for disseminating information, tools and services to improve emergency reponse capabilities.