2023 Fast 50

15: West 4th Strategy, LLC
Location: Springfield, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 89.4%
2022 Revenue: $6,900,000
2021 Revenue: $5,532,573
2020 Revenue: $3,424,509
2019 Revenue: $1,456,729
2018 Revenue: $570,755
Robert Dowling, CEO
Number of employees: 95
Website: http://west4thstrategy.com/
Lines of business: Data Science: Cutting edge technologies and advanced analytical processes to convert complex data into actionable insights that drive progress and enable confident decision making among federal managers. Cloud & Infrastructure: Designing, building, deploying, and managing cost-effective cloud-based solutions for Federal agencies to unlock the value of sustainable technological advancements. Software Development & Systems Integration: Accelerating innovation by leveraging Agile and LEAN frameworks, providing experts with extensive experience in building scalable systems that integrate sustainable technological advancements. Program Management: Comprehensive strategy, management, and communication advisory and assistance services to build / manage sustainable programs, optimize organizational performance, and drive transformative change. Human Capital & Resources: Recruitment and staffing, employee relations, benefits administration, performance management, and talent development services. Financing & Accounting Management: Accounting, auditing, financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting focused on accurate and timely financial information and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. Legal, Policy & Compliance: Legal, policy, and compliance services in various areas such as regulatory compliance, policy analysis and development, risk management, and litigation support.
Major customers: US Navy, Government Publishing Office, US Army, Department of Commerce, Department of the Interior, Department of Transportation, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, Department of State, Department of the Treasury, Department of Homeland Security, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Major contracts/projects: Customer: Department of the Navy | Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center | Naval Dosimetry Center (NDC) and Navy Bloodborne Infection Management Center (NBIMC) Title: Administrative, IT, and Quality Assurance Support Services Customer: Government Publishing Office Title: Human Capital Support Services Customer: Department of Transportation | Maritime Administration (MARAD) Title: Title VI Compliance Analysts Customer: Federal Housing Finance Agency Title: HR Support Services Customer: Department of Justice | Federal Prison Industries | (UNICOR) Title: UNICOR IT, Management, & Analysis Services Customer: Department of Justice | United States Attorney's Office’s (Nationwide) Title: Legal, Administrative, Public Affairs, and IT Support Services Customer: Department of Interior | National Park Service | Denver Service Center Title: Program Management Support Customer: Department of Interior | National Park Service | Denver Service Center Title: Business Intelligence Analysis Support Customer: Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Title: Employee Relations / Labor Relations Consulting Services Customer: Department of the Interior | Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Title: Executive Order 13988 Project Consulting Services