2018 Fast 50

Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 67.97%
2017 Revenue: $13,800,345.00
2016 Revenue: $8,179,730.00
2015 Revenue: $4,560,481.00
2014 Revenue: $3,118,182.00
2013 Revenue: $1,733,576.00
Leadership: DR. CHARLES A. DADOO
Number of employees: 105
Website: https://www.digitalspec.net/
Lines of business: Information Technology Services
Major customers: Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Department of Homeland Security/Customs & Border Protection (DHS/CBP)Department of Education/Federal Student Aid (FSA) Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Department of Justice, Missile Defense Agency, Transportation Security Administration(DHS/TSA)
Major contracts/projects: SBA 8(a) Certified (Dec 2019), 8A STARS II, OASIS Small(Sub), CIO-SP3 (Teammate - Large) GSA IT 70 Schedule PBGC ISES ID/IQ Office of Personnel Management (OPM) BPA (Teammate) Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) BPA GSA IT 70 Schedule