2004 Fast 50

36: Actionet Inc.
Location: Vienna, Va.
Annual growth rate: 65.05%
2003 Revenue: 3,195,665
2002 Revenue: 2,884,008
2001 Revenue: 1,662,722
2000 Revenue: 757,705
1999 Revenue: 430,662
Leadership: Ashley W. Chen
Number of employees: 48
Website: HTTP://www.actionet.com
Lines of business: Enterprise software development, IT security, systems integration, training
Major customers: Transportation Department, Energy Department, EPA, Labor Department, FAA, Library of Congress, Architect of the Capitol
Major contracts/projects: ActioNet has a centralized contract in place with the Transportation Department to carry out the vision of information sharing, leveraging existing IT investments and developing partnerships. Fast Track is one application ActioNet has developed for DOT. This application deals with new transit projects and represents a partnership among three offices and ActioNet. Program offices are now working together to extend Fast Track. ActioNet''s work is reducing costs and facilitating the sharing of information among different program offices.