2012 Top 100

24: AECOM Technology Corp.
Top 100 Revenue: $1,314,594,000
Defense Revenue: $140,167,000
Civilian Revenue: $65,567,000
2011 Revenue: $8 billion
2011 Earnings: $275.8 million
2010 Revenue: $6.5 billion
2010 Earnings: $249.3 million
Number of employees: 45,000
Headquarters: Los Angeles
Website: http://www.aecom.com

John Dionsio, chairman and CEO

James Jaska, president, Americas and government enterprise management team

Ticker: ACM
Lines of business: Professional technical services; management support services
Major customers: EPA, Energy Department, NASA Ames Research Center, Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, Navy, Army National Guard
Major contracts/projects: For FEMA, AECOM is studying the impact of climate change on the National Flood Insurance Prorgram, including improving mapping of coastal flood plains.