2016 Top 100

67: MicroTech LLC
Top 100 Revenue: $268,656,000
Defense Revenue: $52,087,000
Civilian Revenue: $216,569,000
2015 Revenue: N/A
2015 Earnings: N/A
2014 Revenue: N/A
2014 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: N/A
Headquarters: Vienna, Va.
Website: http://www.microtech.net
Leadership: Tony Jimenez, president and CEO
Ticker: N/A
Lines of business: Technology services, network systems integration, product and managed services solutions, unified communication and collaboration, cloud computing, telecom solutions and integration
Major customers: VA, Defense, Social Security Administration, Treasury, Transportation
Major contracts/projects: SEWP IV, Army ITS-SB, OPTARSS II, Seaport-e, NetCents II