2012 Top 100

31: Aerospace Corp.
Top 100 Revenue: $915,213,000
Defense Revenue: $886,148,000
Civilian Revenue: $29,065,000
2011 Revenue: N/A
2011 Earnings: N/A
2010 Revenue: N/A
2010 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: N/A
Headquarters: El Segundo, Calif.
Website: http://www.aero.org

Wanda Austin, president and CEO

Manuel De Ponte, senior VP, national systems group; David Gorney, senior VP, space systems group; Rami Razouk, senior VP, engineering and technology group; Rand Fisher, senior VP, systems planning, engineering and quality; Willie Krenz, CIO

Ticker: N/A
Lines of business: Mission assurance, systems engineering, launch support, labs, civil and comercial
Major customers: Space and Missile Systems Center, National Reconnaissance Office, NASA, NOAA, U.S. Geological Survey
Major contracts/projects: N/A