2013 Top 100

49: Alliant Techsystems Inc.
Top 100 Revenue: $419,647,000
Defense Revenue: $94,877,000
Civilian Revenue: $324,770,000
2012 Revenue: N/A
2012 Earnings: N/A
2011 Revenue: $4.6 billion for fiscal 2012, ended March 31
2011 Earnings: $262.6 million
Number of employees: 17,000
Headquarters: Edina, Minn.
Website: www.atk.com

Mark W. DeYoung, President & CEO

Michael A. Kahn, SVP & President of ATK Defense Group; Blake E. Larson, SVP & President of ATK Aerospace Group; Jay Tibbets, SVP and Interim President of ATK Sporting Group

Ticker: ATK
Lines of business: Defense, aerospace and sporting
Major customers: Army, NASA, Air Force, Navy
Major contracts/projects: N/A