2004 Top 100

78: Lucent Technologies Inc.
Top 100 Revenue: $77,840,000
Defense Revenue: $77,421,000
Civilian Revenue: $419,000
2003 Revenue: $8.5 billion
2003 Earnings: Loss of $770 million
2002 Revenue: N/A
2002 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 32,500
Headquarters: Murray Hill, N.J.
Website: www.lucent.com

Patricia Russo, chairman and CEO

Rick Miller, senior vice president, government solutions and global sales operations

Ticker: LU
Lines of business: Wireline, mobility, network operations software, voice over IP solutions, service intelligence architecture and services
Major customers: Defense Department
Major contracts/projects: Lucent is working on the second phase of the Defense Department''s Coherent Communications Imaging and Targeting program, which demonstrates new technologies for doing high-speed and long-range laser communication, and the Integrated Router Interconnect