2013 Top 100

27: URS Corp.
Top 100 Revenue: $1,182,014,000
Defense Revenue: $773,390,000
Civilian Revenue: $408,624,000
2012 Revenue: $10.97 billion
2012 Earnings: $310.6 million
2011 Revenue: N/A
2011 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 54,000
Headquarters: San Francisco
Website: www.urscorp.com

Martin Koffel, chairman, CEO and president; Bill Lingard, EVP and COO

Randall Wotring, president, federal services

Ticker: URS
Lines of business: Federal, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure; Power; Industrial
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: Army Eagle, ATO-T, DISA Processor Capacity Services, Connections II, GSA Alliant, ITES-2H, Naval Training Product and Services, AFCAP, AVJAMSS, Army FIRST, DISN DGS, Rapid Response 3rd Generation, SeaPort-e