2003 Top 100

96: MTC Technologies Inc.
Top 100 Revenue: $52,318,000
Defense Revenue: N/A
Civilian Revenue: N/A
2002 Revenue: $118.5 million
2002 Earnings: $7.7 million
2001 Revenue: N/A
2001 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 1,100
Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio
Website: www.modtechcorp.com

Rajesh Soin, chairman; Michael Solley, president and CEO

Donald Weisert, senior vice president

Ticker: MTCT
Lines of business: Systems engineering, information technology, intelligence operations, program management
Major customers: Department of Defense, Air Force, NASA, Army
Major contracts/projects: MTC provides specialized engineering support to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The company provides turnkey advanced communications systems, engineering design, fabrication, assembly, test and training support to enhance antenna capabilities for NASA''s Deep Space Network. The DSN is an international network of antennae that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions and radio astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system and the universe.