2003 Top 100

85: Aspen Systems Corp.
Top 100 Revenue: $59,352,000
Defense Revenue: N/A
Civilian Revenue: N/A
2002 Revenue: $158 million
2002 Earnings: $8.1 million
2001 Revenue: N/A
2001 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 2,000
Headquarters: Rockville, Md.
Website: www.aspensys.com

Albert Lampert, chairman, president and CEO

Same as CEO

Ticker: N/A
Lines of business: Justice and homeland security, health programs, housing and education, call centers, energy & environmental services, legal, information management, creative services, fulfillment, survey and systems operations and information technology services
Major customers: Department of Justice, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development and Department of Education
Major contracts/projects: Contracts include the Justice Department''s Mega 2 for litigation support, NIH CIO-SP 2 and Image World 2, and the Department of Transportation VANITS.