2003 Top 100

83: SI International Inc.
Top 100 Revenue: $61,143,000
Defense Revenue: N/A
Civilian Revenue: N/A
2002 Revenue: $149.4 million
2002 Earnings: $2.5 million
2001 Revenue: N/A
2001 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 1,200
Headquarters: Reston, Va.
Website: www.si-intl.com

Ray Oleson, chairman and CEO; S. Bradford Antle, president and COO

Same as president

Ticker: SINT
Lines of business: Software development, systems engineering, systems consulting, eSolutions, mission-critical outsourcing, information security, learning solutions, and communications
Major customers: Air Force, Army, National Security Agency
Major contracts/projects: SI International assists three major commands - the Air Force Space Command, U.S. Northern Command, and the North American Aerospace Defense Command. In 2002, SI International was chosen as the prime contractor supporting the Air Force Space Command to plan the transition from the current Milstar protected satellite communications system to the Advanced Extremely High Frequency System. These systems incorporate advanced technologies to provide secure, survivable satellite communications to the president, secretary of defense and combatant commanders worldwide.