2004 Top 100

30: ARINC Inc.
Top 100 Revenue: $328,088,000
Defense Revenue: $318,187,000
Civilian Revenue: $9,900,000
2003 Revenue: Private
2003 Earnings: Private
2002 Revenue: Privately held
2002 Earnings: Privately held
Number of employees: 3,000
Headquarters: Annapolis, Md.
Website: www.arinc.com

John Belcher, chairman and CEO

Frederic Jacoby, chairman, Arinc Engineering Services LLC

Ticker: N/A
Lines of business: Aviation systems, voice and data systems, intelligent transportation systems, airport systems integration services.
Major customers: Defense Department, Air Force and Transportation Security Administration
Major contracts/projects: Arinc is a subcontractor to Unisys Corp. on the TSA''s airport access control pilot program, which demonstrates and evaluates a range of pilot technologies to strengthen access control at 20 airports. The contract has a ceiling of $17 million.