2010 Top 100

27: Accenture Ltd.
Top 100 Revenue: $924,092,794
Defense Revenue: $289,224,582
Civilian Revenue: $634,868,212
2009 Revenue: $21.6 billion
2009 Earnings: $1.6 billion
2008 Revenue: $25.3 billion
2008 Earnings: $1.7 billion
Number of employees: 181,000
Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda
Website: www.accenture.com

William D. Green, chairman and CEO

Stephen Rohleder, group chief executive, health and public service; Lisa Mascolo, managing director, U.S. federal

Ticker: CAN
Lines of business: Management consulting, technology services and outsourcing
Major customers: Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Defense Logistics Agency and Federal Emergency Management Agency
Major contracts/projects: Accenture is providing program-management and business-architecture services for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Flood Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning program, which is designed to help reduce the nation’s vulnerability to natural hazards. The contract is worth $58 million.