2003 Top 100

23: Accenture Ltd.
Top 100 Revenue: $331,010,000
Defense Revenue: N/A
Civilian Revenue: N/A
2002 Revenue: $13.1 billion
2002 Earnings: $245 million
2001 Revenue: N/A
2001 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 75,000
Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda
Website: www.accenture.com

Joe Forehand, chairman and CEO

Steve Rohleder, group chief executive, government

Ticker: CAN
Lines of business: Communications and high-tech; financial services, government, products and resources
Major customers: Department of Education, Internal Revenue Service and Department of Homeland Security
Major contracts/projects: Accenture has been working with the Internal Revenue Service since 2001 to rebuild its Web site using an intentions-based Web design that has made it easier for users to browse more than 90,000 pages of content and access 6,000 IRS forms and publications. This year Accenture added the Free File service to IRS.gov that allowed more than 2.4 million eligible taxpayers to prepare and file their federal income tax returns using free online software.