2004 Top 100

14: L-3 Communications Corp.
Top 100 Revenue: $619,290,000
Defense Revenue: $562,561,000
Civilian Revenue: $56,729,000
2003 Revenue: $5.1 billion
2003 Earnings: $277.6 million
2002 Revenue: $4 billion
2002 Earnings: $178.1 million
Number of employees: 38,000
Headquarters: New York
Website: www.l-3com.com
Leadership: Frank Lanza
Ticker: LLL
Lines of business: Secure communications and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, training simulation and support services, aviation, and special products
Major customers: Defense Department, Homeland Security Department; Transportation Security Administration; and NASA
Major contracts/projects: Phoenix program to replace Army satellite communications systems; contract for Air Force base security systems, Virginia Port Authority security