2023 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $4,080,615,000
Defense Revenue: $1,044,382,000
Civilian Revenue: $3,036,233,000
2022 Revenue: $61.6 billion
2022 Earnings: $7 billion
2021 Revenue: $50.5 billion
2021 Earnings: $6 billion
Number of employees: 710,000 (all of Accenture; 13,000 just Accenture Federal Services)
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia
Website: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/industries/afs-index

John Goodman, CEO
 Ron Ash, COO
 Elaine Beeman, civilian lead
 Kevin Heald, national security lead
 Vanessa Godshalk, public safety lead
 Keith Runtz, defense lead
 Elaine Turville, strategy and consulting growth lead
 Aaron Jackson, technology growth lead
 Susann Bresnahan
 Deborah Goldstock Ringel, chief ethics and compliance officer
 Ben Peavy, CIO
 Rodney Crowe, CFO
 Ira Entis, senior managing director, growth and strategy
 Christopher Copeland, CTO
 Kyle Michl, chief innovation officer
 Michael Miller, federal financial services lead
 Paul Peck, senior managing director, client delivery
 Sara Abiusi, managing director, quality and risk lead
 Michael Fox, federal sales lead
 Nichole Dean, CISO
 Kirk McClain, chief security officer
 John Fraser, president, ASM Research
 Pamela Merritt, marketing and communications lead

Ticker: ACN
Lines of business: Cloud, applied intelligence, digital platforms, cyber resilience, human capital, Accenture Federal Studio
Major customers: National security, defense, civilian, public safety, federal health
Major contracts/projects: CIO-SP3, Alliant 2, OASIS, HCaTS, GSA schedules