2016 Top 100

40: V2X
Top 100 Revenue: $544,495,000
Defense Revenue: $497,789,000
Civilian Revenue: $46,706,000
2015 Revenue: $1.2 billion
2015 Earnings: $40 million
2014 Revenue: $1.2 billion
2014 Earnings: $22.8 million
Number of employees: 6,000
Headquarters: McLean, Virginia
Website: https://gov2x.com/

Kenneth Hunzeker, CEO and president

Matthew Klein, SVP and CFO, Michele Tyler, SVP and CLO, Francis Peloso, SVP and CHO

Ticker: VVX
Lines of business: Infrastructure asset management, IT and network communication services, logistics and supply chain management services
Major customers: Army, Air Force, Navy
Major contracts/projects: SeaPort-e, TACOM, AFCAP IV