2019 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $452,241,000
Defense Revenue: $5,008,000
Civilian Revenue: $447,233,000
2018 Revenue: $957 million
2018 Earnings: N/A
2017 Revenue: N/A
2017 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: N/A
Headquarters: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Website: http://www.rti.org/

E. Wayne Holden, president and CEO, James Gibson, COO, Michael Kaelin Jr., CFO

Tim Gabel, EVP, social, statistical and environmental sciences, Allen Mangel, EVP, health solutions and discovery sciences, Teena Piccione, CIO, G. Eward Story, general counsel, Lisa May, EVP, HR, Paul Weisenfeld, EVP, international development, E. Ward Sax, treasurer

Ticker: Not-for-profit
Lines of business: Health, Education and Workforce Development, International Development, Energy Research, Environmental Sciences, Social and Justice Policy, Food Security and Agriculture, Innovation Ecosystems
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: Analytical, Support and Implementation Services, Building Recovery and Reform through Democratic Governance Technical Assistance Services, Sustainable Urban Management, EdData II, Water and Coastal Resources Management