2017 Fast 50

Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 63.3%
2016 Revenue: $20,511,954
2015 Revenue: $10,165,913
2014 Revenue: $8,000,536
2013 Revenue: $3,992,237
2012 Revenue: $2,899,275
Leadership: Rebecca Andino
Number of employees: 141
Website: http://highlighttech.com/
Lines of business: Highlight Technologies provides system development and transformation, IT operations and maintenance services, and mission and program support services to Federal agencies
Major customers: FTC, GSA, the Joint Staff, NGA, USAID, NIH, DISA, DHS, DoD, DTRA, EPA, FDIC, USDA, State, DoL, SBA
Major contracts/projects: NIH - Administrative and Grants Management Support; USDA - Agile Salesforce Development; USAID - System and Program Management Support; NGA – Web User Experience Design; SBA – Staffing Augmentation and Management Support; FTC – Project and Program Management Support; EPA - Information Management Support Services; FDIC - Information Security Support Services; Joint Staff - Special Access Program Security Support Services; Navy - Omnibus Support Services