2023 Fast 50

18: Cogent Security Consulting
Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 70.6%
2022 Revenue: $23,517,905
2021 Revenue: $21,123,257
2020 Revenue: $7,789,512
2019 Revenue: $3,467,177.57
2018 Revenue: $2,776,973
Chris Bluesteen, CEO
Number of employees: 152
Website: https://www.cogentsecurity.com/
Lines of business: Risk Management & Decision Support, Intelligence & Counterintelligence, Security Operations, Logistics & Training, Security Engineering & Project Oversight, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Quality Management & Control, Special Access & Clearances.
Major customers: HMIS, SRS, UCOR, NISA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dept of Energy, MELE, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Isotek Systems, Tetra Tech, Innovative Reasoning, Tennessee State Board of Education, Centerra, PEC, harkcon, FBI, Fluor, Rhino Crops, OST, Berkeley Lab, Mercatus Center, INL, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Major contracts/projects: OST Logistics Support Contract; DOE NNSA Technical, Training, and Equipment support for Technical Security Program; DOE NNSA Technical and Analytical Support Services for Office of Defense Nuclear Security; DOE NNSA Office of Material Management and Minimization and Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development Program Management, Technical and Analytical Support Services