2023 Fast 50

5: Valid Evaluation, Inc.
Location: Denver
Annual growth rate: 119.2%
2022 Revenue: $2,424,813
2021 Revenue: $1,468,574
2020 Revenue: $638,363
2019 Revenue: $815,584
2018 Revenue: $105,000
Adam Rentschler, CEO
Number of employees: 16
Website: https://valideval.com/
Lines of business: Valid Eval is an online evaluation system for organizations that make and defend tough decisions. It’s a secure SaaS platform that works efficiently at virtually any scale—so you can involve as many applicants, subjects, domain experts, and judges as it takes to do the job right. Clearly defined criteria and streamlined workflows drastically reduce the investment of time and effort required from participants, while robust reporting tools let you measure performance, monitor continuous improvement and demonstrate mission alignment. Combining best practices from the learning sciences and systems engineering, Valid Eval delivers data-driven insights, a no-hassle user experience, and detailed feedback for applicants. And it generates audit-ready records that document standards, methodology, and deliberations. Best of all, it’s demonstrably fair, which builds trust in your program. From the rubric to the results, the entire process promotes transparency and accountability.
Major customers: US Army US Dept of Transportation US Air Force US DOD's CDOA team
Major contracts/projects: • GSA IDIQ Phase III award (won less than 12 months after Phase I AFWERX open topic award) • Managing nearly $10B in grant programming for high-profile DOT programs funded by BIL and IRA laws including Safe Streets for All, and Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods. • Managing the STAR and STAR Fish programs (supporting Space Force) for the DAF • Powering CDAO's innovative Tradewinds Marketplace. * Managing ~80% of the Army's SBIR portfolio + 100% of it's xTech-branded prize competitions.