2019 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $518,957,000
Defense Revenue: $512,979,000
Civilian Revenue: $5,978,000
2018 Revenue: $2.1 billion (fiscal 2019)
2018 Earnings: $67.6 million loss
2017 Revenue: N/A
2017 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 5,600
Headquarters: Carlsbad, Calif.
Website: https://www.viasat.com/

Mark Dankberg, chairman and CEO

Richard Baldridge, president and COO

Ken Peterman, president of government systems

Shawn Duffy, CFO

David Ryan, president, Viasat Space Systems

Ticker: VSAT
Lines of business: Cybersecurity and data protection, government and military SATCOM, satellite and antenna systems, tactical data links and line of sight networks
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: GTACS