2019 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $6,778,705,000
Defense Revenue: $3,367,392,000
Civilian Revenue: $3,411,313,000
2018 Revenue: $36.2 billion
2018 Earnings: $3.3 billion
2017 Revenue: N/A
2017 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 105,600
Headquarters: Reston, Virginia
Website: https://www.gd.com/

Phebe Novakovic, chairman and CEO, John Casey, EVP, marine systems, Christopher Marzilli, EVP, IT and Mission Systems, Mark Roualet, EVP, combat systems, Jason W. Aiken, CFO, Gregory Callopoulos, general counsel

GDIT: Amy Gilliland, president, Bernie Guerry, COO, Alison Harbrecht, CFO, Kelly Ferrell, chief growth officer, Kristie Grinnell, VP IT and supply chain and CIO, Tammy Kness, VP, HR, Julie Aslaksen, general counsel, Paul Nedzbala, SVP, civilian, Leigh Palmer, SVP, defense, Yogesh Khanna, CTO, Andy Zembower, VP, integration. GD MISSION SYSTEMS: Chris Brady, president, Mark Rayha, CFO, Jim Stockdale, SVP, business operations, Sharon Dunbar, VP, cross-company business initiatives, David Ibbetson, VP, GM, mission systems interational, Manny Mora, GM, space and intelligence, Bill Patterson, GM, ground systems, Carlo Zaffanella, GM, maritime and strategic systems, Scott Butler, GM, C4ISR technologies and cyber systems, Brian Morrison, VP, cyber systems, Michael McDermott, VP, marketing, Nadia Short, VP, strategy and business development, Scott Blanchard, CTO, Lisa Finneran, VP, engineering, Bill Weiss, VP, manufacturing and logistics, Steve Chenard, VP, HR, Devon Engel, general counsel, Scotty Miller, VP, supply chain, Jerzy Piatkowski, VP, contracts and commercial

Ticker: GD
Lines of business: Aerospace, combat systems, IT, mission systems, marine systems
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: GSA schedules, ATSP 4, Common Hardware Systems 4, ACCENT, Alliant, CIO-SP, OASIS, HCaTS, SEWP-V