2004 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $2,864,187,000
Defense Revenue: $1,577,899,000
Civilian Revenue: $1,286,287,000
2003 Revenue: $6.7billlion for fiscal 2004, ended Jan. 31
2003 Earnings: $351 million for fiscal 2004
2002 Revenue: $5.9 billion for fiscal 2003, ended Jan. 31
2002 Earnings: $246 million for fiscal 2003
Number of employees: 43,000
Headquarters: Reston, Virginia
Website: https://www.saic.com/

Robert Beyster, chairman; Kenneth Dahlberg, president and CEO

Duane Andrews, president and COO of SAIC''s federal business

Ticker: SAIC
Lines of business: Consulting services, customer relationship management, data mining and data warehousing, distributed enterprise management, enterprise resource planning, eSolutions, financial services, homeland security, imagery, information security, information technol
Major customers: Defense Department, NASA, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, Navy, Air Force
Major contracts/projects: NASA Information Technology Services contract; Air Force space-based radar requirements development; DISA Global Services bandwidth expansion