2004 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $214,755,000
Defense Revenue: $172,731,000
Civilian Revenue: $42,024,000
2003 Revenue: $1.3 billion
2003 Earnings: Not-for-profit company
2002 Revenue: $1.2 billion
2002 Earnings: Not-for-profit company
Number of employees: 16,000
Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio
Website: http://www.battelle.org/

Carl Kohrt, president and CEO

Gregory Frank, executive vice president, Battelle Science and Technology International

Ticker: Not-for-profit
Lines of business: Research and development work in the areas of defense, energy, environmental, transportation and health and life sciences
Major customers: Defense Department and Navy
Major contracts/projects: Battelle is providing science and technology support to the Defense Department''s National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence The work is worth $70 million.