2019 Fast 50

12: DecisionPoint Corp.
Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland
Annual growth rate: 115.0%
2018 Revenue: $15,665,741
2017 Revenue: $1,405,236
2016 Revenue: $1,089,891
2015 Revenue: $646,393
2014 Revenue: $732,846
Leadership: Brian Flood
Number of employees: 150
Website: N/A
Lines of business: Cyber & Information Operations, Emergency Preparedness & Response/Disaster Recovery & Operations, Security Engineering and Force Protection, Health Informatics/Scienitific and Technical Services, Countering WMD/CBRN, DoD Mission Support and System Optimization,
Major customers: Department of State, Department of Veterans Affairs, US Army G 3/5/7 and A/SALT, NAVFAC, CDC, US Air Force MEDCOM, USMC
Major contracts/projects: DoS WMDT, DoS Counter Nuclear Smuggling, US Army G 3/5/7 Force Management Modernization, US Army A/SALT SOSE&I, US Navy Military Base Emergency Management Services, CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response