PODCAST: What Disney can teach the federal market about data

In this episode of Project 38, we take a look at potential lessons the public sector could learn from a big data and internet of things project at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World has embraced big data and the Internet of Things as tools to improve its operations and its efforts offer lessons to the public sector.

David Turner, president and CEO of Hitachi Vantara Federal, shares how the company helps the resort gather and use the reams of data it collects from rides, operations and visitors to enhance the park experience. This is no Mickey Mouse endeavor and it offers plenty of lessons for the public sector, from the Defense Department and how it manages military facilities to civilian agencies that are addressing a wide range of constituent needs.

In this conversation with Editor Nick Wakeman, Turner shares what his company has been up to and why the government should pay attention to what's going on at the Magic Kingdom and beyond.

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