The 2023 Fast 50 showcases small business tech skills

Our annual ranking of the government market's fastest-growing small businesses highlights all they do for agencies in key technology priorities like cyber, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and application development.

CIO-SP4 drove spike in bid protests

Unhappiness with the National Institutes of Health's main IT contract vehicle contributed to a 22% increase in protests during the government's 2023 fiscal year.

What the mystery buyer of RTX's cyber business is getting

RTX is fetching $1.3 billion for its cybersecurity, intelligence and services business unit. We can tell you all about the transaction even without (yet) knowing the acquirer's identity.

Demystifying the acronym soup of CMMC

To prepare for the Nov. 8 CMMC Ecosystem Summit, here is an acronym cheat sheet to follow along in the conversation about the defense industrial base's new cybersecurity standard.

The race is on to quantum proof encryption

While a standard isn't in place yet, now is the time to understand your risks and put a focus on agility.

Where IBM's protest over financial requirements fell short

A newly-released bid protest ruling details how the Veterans Affairs Department wants to look at bidders' liquidity ratios for a supply chain modernization contract.

Claiming a SME position and the 10,000-hour conundrum

Marketing guru Mark Amtower explains that it takes time to become an expert, but true mastery requires actively developing skills and then sharing your expertise.

Power of partnerships advances business and mission goals

The ideal technology partner should offer proven solutions tailored for government with capabilities such as AI that help integrators to better serve customers.

TSA backtracks on $93M award to Deloitte after protests

Three unlikely competitors pursued this blanket purchase agreement to help the Transportation Security Agency run its security operations center.

KBR joint venture takes back lost NASA contract

KBR lost this program in 2017, but joined forces with another company six years later to win the work back. That reminds us that nothing is forever in the federal market, among other lessons.

Are you seeking CMMC certification? Here's what you need to know

Ola Sage leads one of the CMMC ecosystem's assessment organizations and gives the inside word here on how contractors should move to show they are meeting this new industry-wide cybersecurity standard.

Looking to sell? Here are some critical tax implications

Financial planner Jamie Waldren explores key strategies to manage the sale of your company and various tax implications.

Townes-Whitley becomes SAIC's new leader

Science Applications International Corp. is among the handful of the market's largest companies to install a new CEO over the past 12 months.

Disaster averted, or just delayed?

A continuing resolution was signed Saturday averting a government shutdown, but there is still a lot to overcome ahead of the new Nov. 17 deadline.

How soon will you feel the pain of a shutdown? Very soon.

A shutdown may be inevitable and so is the pain and chaos that will follow.

How DOD can more effectively leverage venture-backed innovation

Shift5's co-founder and CEO Josh Lospinoso explains both how the venture capital ecosystem works and ways the Defense Department can lean into it for bringing in new technologies.

Are you ready for another government shutdown?

Attorney James Fontana shares tried and true advice for surviving a government now that we are about to hit another one.