Protests expose twists and turns as DHS tries to buy IT support

The Homeland Security Department abandoned one vehicle after losing a protest, but faces more challenges after moving to another agency's contract.

Women still face harassment in GovCon market

A culture of sexual harassment still exists at many companies where problems are often ignored and women have little to no recourse to fight back.

4 keys to client engagement in a post-COVID world

As COVID-19 restrictions disappear, business development and client engagement require a new level of listening, creativity, agility and courage.

What GovCon leaders face when they’re women

Naina Leo, a former senior executive with Maximus/Attain, shares her journey with GMarkU co-founder Stephanie Geiger and offers five ways women leaders can assert themselves in the male-dominated world of GovCon.

Rust never sleeps: How a programming language enables green tech initiatives

The Rust programming language has the potential to lower the environmental impact and energy usage of data centers while also driving developers to write more secure applications, our commentator writes.

M&A activity may have cooled but conditions are still positive

The number of transactions won't match 2021, but the dealmaking has continued this year with some new factors emerging to drive the market.

What the slogans of the 2022 Top 100 tell us about the market

Slogans are short and succinct but they communicate volumes about changes in the market and the companies serving it.

How 'observability' can keep your data lake clean

The use of data lakes is growing in the federal market, and they have great potential for better analysis and data-driven decision-making -- as long as they are kept clean and pollution-free.

6 ways embracing diversity helps your company grow

Federal requirements for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility offer contractors the chance to expand their capabilities, win new business, and help the country.

Why you need to control your personal brand

Showing the market who you are helps you stand out as a subject matter expert but you have to take steps to control that message. Here's how.

You are never too small to draw DOJ's ire

When small businesses make the mistake of thinking the Justice Department won't pay attention to them, they can pay dearly.

The James Webb telescope can teach us more than just space

Project management lessons from this program serve as an instruction manual on how to leverage mistakes and mitigate risks.

Coming Soon: The Top 100 Big Reveal

We are unveiling the 2022 edition of the rankings next week following the GAIN conference. You don't want to miss either of them.

Modernizing the modernization tool: Changes are coming for FITARA

A new version of FITARA will come this summer, so vendors need to line up their solutions with the new cyber requirements customers will face.

Why contractors should care about the Buffalo shooting

Saturday's tragic event is a stark reminder of the work still to be done in addressing racism in the U.S., an effort contractors have a role in.

Best-in-class, or worst-in-class?

Given the recurring problems with large multiple-award contract vehicles, the government needs to reevaluate how it bundles the purchasing of IT products and services.

How hypersonic missiles work and the unique threats they pose

Hypersonic weapons are evolving quickly. Here's what you need to know to understand what they can and can't do.