COVID has changed BD with more changes to come

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven 100 days of challenges, change, and transition; and the remainder of the year will be the blueprint of what is going to be the new normal.

Regardless of whether your market is doing OK with business running normally, or your opportunities dried up and you are now scrambling to open new ones, the last 100 days of turmoil affects us all in some manner. This pandemic is drastic for some or more subtlety affecting others … but nowhere is there business as usual.

The economic shock has provoked the fastest and sharpest economic downturn in U.S, history. Now that third quarter has started, business is as uncertain as anything going forward. It is surprising that we have seen some record returns in the stock market. Nothing seems to be reacting “normally” causing us to wonder what we will experience as business development results going forward.

Without a doubt, we have experienced 100 days of challenges, change, and transition; and the remainder of the year will be the blueprint of what is going to be the new normal.

Business development leaders are on the point of the spear for economic growth and revenue generation regardless of the pace of change. They have always been in the field engaged with buyers making things happen. Now, tethered to working from home with the buyer doing likewise, and all support services remote, revenue growth takes new thinking, skills, process, and discipline along with craftly applied technology.

As one of our client leaders shared, “it’s like being in house arrest without the ankle bracelet”.

The MBDi training many of you experienced will serve you well during this crisis and can be easily tailored to the new normal of client engagement. Video conferencing and virtual contact utilizing a complementary CRM program are a critical necessity in the “going to be” world of business development.

Without making any reference to the political or social situation, a crucial issue facing BD personnel engaging prospects and those responsible for their ultimate success, is leadership.

Business development leadership is unique in that BD leaders must be well-anchored in their character development reflecting their own and the organization’s principles, values, and ethics. This is exhibited in their mission and purpose of helping customers during this time of rapid change. If you are not comfortable with yourself as an individual and as a BD professional right now, then you will not find affirmation through your interaction with customers.

Well-trained, well led, and motivated professionals are those who can and will capitalize on the uncertainty and change of the “going to be” world of tomorrow.

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