FDA to make third attempt at $149M consulting BPA

Gettyimages.com/ seksan Mongkhonkhamsao

The Food and Drug Administration is taking yet another corrective action to re-evaluate proposals and make new awards.

Another round of corrective actions looms over a $149 million blanket purchase agreement to support the Food and Drug Administration.

FDA originally chose Aptive Resources, Eagle Hill Consulting, LMI, Duty First Consulting and Prometheus Federal Services.

Booz Allen Hamilton protested the awards in late October and the Government Accountability Office dismissed that challenge on Jan. 11. FDA said it planned to take another corrective action so it can re-evaluate bids and make a new best-value tradeoff decision.

This is the second time FDA has taken corrective action.

FDA first awarded the BPA in March and Booz Allen did not get an award then either. They filed a protest along with KPMG.

In late April, FDA took its first corrective action and GAO dismissed those two protests.

It will likely be a few months before FDA makes its third attempt to award the BPAs.

The contract covers strategic planning, new business model development, organizational change management, policy effectiveness studies, resource and risk modeling, program and project management support, and performance management services.