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The White House’s Web site for tracking the $787 billion in anticipated stimulus spending is getting more connected: It has begun adding links to federal agency and state Web sites that are monitoring their own share of spending.

As of today, is providing links to 10 state Web sites and 19 federal agency Web sites. More states and agencies are expected to participate soon. “probably be going through many more changes in the weeks ahead as data starts to come in on how states and agencies are actually spending the stimulus funds,” Michael Smallberg, Web outreach editor for the Project on Government Oversight, wrote on the group’s blog Feb 26.

The state-sponsored recovery sites offer a variety of information. Virginia’s and Illinois’ sites welcome visitors with a form for submitting ideas for funding. Maine and Kansas have numerous links for additional stimulus spending information.

With the exception of Agriculture and Energy, most other federal departments have set up recovery Web sites offering bits of information on the stimulus spending. For example, the Homeland Security Departement's site gives a brief overview, stating that “the Recovery Act specifically includes money for projects and programs administered by the Department, about half of which is likely to be allotted to information technology-related programs.”

In addition, has begun providing updates on governors providing certifications for obtaining the stimulus funds. Starting Feb. 17, the governors have 45 days to certify that they will spend the money appropriately on projects for jobs and economic growth. Three states, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin, have posted their certifications on as of today.

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Alice Lipowicz is a staff writer covering government 2.0, homeland security and other IT policies for Federal Computer Week.

Reader Comments

Thu, Mar 5, 2009 Dennis Hughes Albuquerque, NM

Please double, triple, quadruple the staff that answers calls for the presidents comment line. This is the most effective way for us ( the American people) to make our wishes known to the President! Trying to go through our so-called representatives is an annoying, convoluted, frustrating experience for most of us, and usually results in nothing. I discovered the other day that the people answering the phone were volunteers and while I truly appreciate their selfless service, the gentleman I spoke to told me they were understaffed (reflected in the long wait to speak to someone). Unfortunately they are also not too well informed about any of the issues I wanted information on. If we can afford trillions for the selfish thieves who caused this mess were in, we can surely afford a few MILLION to hire some qualified people...employment opportunities and a direct line to the President to make our will known, where's the dowm side?

Tue, Mar 3, 2009 Dennis Hughes Albuquerque, NM

no earmarks, no pork, no lobbyists, an enforcement arm for the GAO, public pillorying of "representatives" who violate the public trust, or can't, or wont be accountable, do away with the federal reserve (which of course isn't federal),censure those in congress who added 150 billion in pork to the greatest theft in history (the first 700 billion in bailout for the thieves who created this mess), run ALL lobbyists OUT so our "representatives" are not distracted from OUR needs, remind the congress and the senate that they are, in fact, our employees and NOT our lords and masters, get the funds back that were promised to be used for lending and freeing up credit, let corporations and institutions that are not competant enough to succeed, FAIL, start acting like someone has a brain in their head and ask the only relevant question under these circumstances: "will this help or hurt the Nation and the American People", if you don't know the answer to this seek other employment, oh and of course tell rush limbaugh to shut the hell up! (lower case intentional to indicate disrespect}

Tue, Mar 3, 2009 Texas

Well, no one cared about the deficit as it was being created under the Bush administration for a war that had no basis. Now all of a sudden, everyone is concerned! Obama has been in office less that 2 months - I hardly think our current situation is the result of the new administration. Then there are idiots like Rush Limbaugh who wish for failure of our great country - what kind of American is that??

Tue, Mar 3, 2009 Gilbert, Arizona

State-City Stimulus spending. Gilbert, Arizona city gov. is trying to propose a spending plan by under cutting the shovel-ready stimulus projects. By canceling project already approved monies that were already previous placed on an approved Capital Improvement budget. Then approved monies were placed in another area. Now, this previous project is placed under the Stimlus plan. The approved monies were placed in another area. They have a lot previous projects that were used in wastefully spending. Now inorder to bail out previously built projects that had no accountablity. These where there was a lot of wasteful spending-"Field of Dreams",a newly built unused Fire Dept. building currently setting empty, missing city inventory, and etc. Or buying $21 million dollar land In Jan.2009. Management Justifying their $700 per Month car allowances, while they laid off city employees. The list goes on and on. I hate to see this city government spend any more monies in this manner. It should be used to Stimulate our Economy. I'm for this Stimulus package, but not in this manner. Please have a careful eye on this type of spending. I hope this Aid you in stopping fraud. I want this Stimulus package to work for the American People, they really need this to work. God Bless You All.

Tue, Mar 3, 2009 Roy Ok

I'm very disappointed in Obama. And it took less than two months. The pork should have been cut out (all of it). Saying it was done while Bush was in office just doesn't cut it for me. He had the pen he signed it and I for one will remember this in four years.

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