Budgets and Funding

OMB kicks off sequestration planning process

With sequestration just five months away, OMB reaches out to agencies. What is its first step?

8 tools for surviving sequestration

With sequestration on the horizon, our experts share how contractors can survive more than $1 trillion in budget cuts.

Lockheed CEO warns of sequestration dangers

Sudden funding cuts from sequestration might result in countless claims against prime contractors. But who ultimately will get the bill?

Is Congress moving to spike sequestration?

Language in the 2013 Defense Authorization bill is attempting to avert mandatory budget cuts that some fear could seriously hamper the Defense Department's mission, including the impact on contractors.

Budget stalemate continues on Capitol Hill

The Obama administration has given a framework to avoid the looming sequestration, but House Republicans say the proposals won't pass in either chamber. What now?

GSA acting administrator vows tougher scrutiny of events

Agency leadership wants focus to stay on efficiency and cost-savings as GSA cancels several events and reviews its conference guidelines.

Should contractors fear sequestration?

You bet. As agencies scramble to cut costs under sequestration, contractors should expect to be squeezed too.

Obama plan merges six agencies, may save $3B

President Obama’s slimming down plan would merge SBA, parts of Commerce and other trade and business agencies into one department.

What does sequestration really mean for DOD?

The super committee's failure to identify $1.2 trillion in budget cuts was expected to trigger a nightmare for DOD, but is it happening?

How bad was fiscal 2011?

Industry leaders share their insights on what fiscal 2011 meant to them and their companies.

Is the boss nickel-and-diming your IT operations?

In the current budget environment, employees are likely to pay the price for budget-saving measures.

Budget cuts won't stop DOD IT spending in 2012, forecast predicts

DOD's appetite for IT expected to be diminished, but still healthy

Could budget cuts inspire true innovation?

Tight budgets will put constraints on agency ambitions, but sometimes a constraint can provide a structure for building something inspired.

Lockheed unit trims 250 workers amid cuts in other divisions

In one of several measures to increase what it calls operational efficiency, Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions has trimmed its employee base by 250.

Can fiscal 2012 budget balance cuts and new IT programs?

Federal IT spending requests are slightly ahead of 2011 levels with continuing resolutions and budget cuts competing with cybersecurity, cloud computing and mobile computing requirements, according to immixGroup.

Was fiscal 2011 the best and worst of times?

Contractors saw a year of uncertainty and challenges, but there's relief that it wasn't worse.

Survey: Expect anemic spending growth through 2017

The federal IT market will remain flat or decline slightly during the next five years. Where will the cuts come from?