GSA makes progress on OASIS protests

The General Services Administration has made some progress toward resolving the handful of OASIS on-ramp protests it has faced.

The General Services Administration has made progress toward resolving several protests that were filed in the wake of its most recent OASIS on-ramp awards.

GSA in September made more than 120 new awards for the full-and-open on-ramp Pools 1,3 and 4.

Surprisingly, only three companies filed protests objecting to not being included among the winners.

So far, the best result from those protests goes to ActioNet. GSA has agreed to take another look at that company’s proposal, so GAO has dismissed that protest. ActioNet is not guaranteed a spot but at least is still in the running.

Integrated Systems’ protest has been dismissed by GAO because the company didn’t respond to the agency’s report on the protest. When a protest is filed, agencies have to respond with a report in 30 days. The protester than has 10 days to respond to the report.

Integrated Systems apparently didn’t meet that deadline.

Protest number three was filed by Triple Canopy and that one continues. GSA has not taken a corrective action so this will likely fall to GAO to make a ruling, which is due Feb. 10.

But either way, GSA is very close to the end of this protest situation.