One to watch? Blue Delta-backed Gunnison Consulting makes a deal

Gunnison Consulting Group, a Blue Delta Capital-backed firm, makes an acquisition and raises its profile in the federal market.

Gunnison Consulting Group is not a company that has been on my radar, but maybe they should be.

They are a small business with about $25 million in prime contracts, according to USA Spending figures. Gunnison does most of their work with the Census Bureau and other parts of the Commerce Department such as U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Leading edge capabilities around artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and DevSecOps are among those the company touts. They also do work around quality assurance and automated testing and geospatial information systems.

What first drew my eye was a bit of news. On Thursday Gunnison announced an acquisition today of another small business in G2SF Inc., a company with IT services capabilities including mobility, security and integration.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

But what really peaked by curiosity was something else Gunnison brags about on their website -- their board of directors that includes former SRA International CEO Renny DiPentima and IBM's former federal leader Anne Altman.

They are legendary leaders in the market. So if they see something in the company, then maybe I need to be paying more attention too.

As I dug a little deeper, I learned that Blue Delta Capital Partners is a minority owner and helped bring in CEO Gil Dussek in 2019. He had previously been an executive with General Dynamics IT. Four of the six founders of Gunnison remain majority owners and are running divisions at the company.

It sounds like an interesting model. I’ve reached out to the company. Stay tuned for more.