Big names missing from $5B ADMC 3 contract

It looks like the Army cleaned house with the new Army Desktop and Mobile Computing 3 contract as only two of nine incumbents survived the recompete.

It looks like several incumbents failed to make the grade as the Army has made awards for the third iteration of its $5 billion Army Desktop and Mobile Computing contract.

The winners of ADMC 3 are:

  • Blue Tech Inc. San Diego, (W52P1J-17-D-0009);
  • Iron Bow Technologies LLC, Chantilly, Va. (W52P1J-17-D-0010);
  • Red River Computers Co. Inc., Claremont, N.H. (W52P1J-17-D-0011)
  • Intelligent Decisions Inc., Ashburn, Va. (W52P1J-17-D-0012)
  • NCS Technologies Inc., Gainesville, Va.  (W52P1J-17-D-0013)
  • Dell Federal Systems LP, Round Rock, Texas (W52P1J-17-D-0014)
  • Strategic Communications LLC, Louisville, Ky. (W52P1J-17-D-0015)
  • GovSmart Inc., Charlottesville, Va. (W52P1J-17-D-0016)
  • Ideal Systems Solutions Inc., Minnetonka, Minn. (W52P1J-17-D-0017)

Missing from that list are ADMC 2 incumbents HP Inc., CDW-G, MPC-G, Telos Corp., Transource Computer, and Westwood Computer.

Only Dell and NCS Technologies survived from ADMC 2 to ADMC 3.

The Army received 58 bids for ADMC 3, which is their preferred vehicle for buying desktop, laptop and mobile computing devices as well as peripherals.

The Army hasn’t responded to a request to see if another round of award is expected. If they aren’t planning more awards, they should probably brace themselves for a slew of bid protests.

According to Deltek, CDW-G is No. 2 on the ADMC-2 contract with $706.3 million in task orders. HP is No. 3 with $448.8 million in task orders.

Dell is by far the top contractor with nearly $2 billion sales over the last 10 years.

I’ve also reached out to HP and CDW-G for comment and will provide an update on anything we hear back.

I’ve also contacted NTT Data to determine if this win comes to them through their acquisition of Dell’s federal services business or if this is still part of Dell.

It is also interesting to note that only Dell is considered a large business. The other eight winners are marked as small businesses in the Defense Department announcement.

Under ADMC 2, there were three large business winners – Dell, HP and CDW-G -- and six small businesses.