2016 Fast 50 nominations due Friday

Nominations are due Friday for the 2016 Fast 50 where we rank the fastest growing small businesses in the government market.

The deadline for nominations for the 2016 Fast 50 is Friday, so make sure to get your applications in if you want to be considered for this year's rankings.

If you think your company has had stellar growth over the last five years, fill out the information in the form at this link, and see how your firm stacks up against others in the market.

The deadline for submitting your nomination is Friday, July 15. We'll publish the completed list by the end of August.

In our annual Fast 50 rankings, we put a spotlight on the 50 fastest growing small businesses in the government market.

Companies submit five years of revenue data – 2011 through 2015 – and we rank the companies according to their compound annual growth rate over that time.

To qualify, your company must be a small business or in the 8(a) program. Because the rules of what constitutes a small business are sometimes subjective, we recommend you look at the requirements at the Small Business Administration (sba.gov), as that is what we base our definition on.

We’ll also be verifying your small business status via SBA’s Dynamic Small Business tool at http://dsbs.sba.gov/dsbs/search/dsp_dsbs.cfm.

The final rankings will be published in August, and we’ll be profiling several of the companies and providing insights and commentary based on the rankings.

Some tips on completing your form. The form asks for revenue for “Last year,” “2 years ago,” etc. So remember:

  • Revenue from last year equals 2015
  • Revenue from 2 years ago equals 2014
  • Revenue from 3 years ago equals 2013
  • Revenue from 4 years ago equals 2012
  • Revenue from 5 years ago equals 2011

The revenue we are looking for is your government revenue, which includes work as a prime and subcontractor. Government revenue includes defense, federal civilian, state and local and education.

We will be publishing the revenue data, so be aware of that.

In filling out the fields for lines of business, major customers, and major contracts, think of these as an opportunity to tell the world who your company is and what you do.

The online application process is pretty straightforward, but if you run into problems or have any questions, please email us at Fast50@1105govinfo.com.

Good luck.

Here is the link to the form again.