BRTRC bolsters cyber chops with acquisition of SecureForce

SecureForce brings cybersecurity expertise to BRTRC Federal Solutions through an acquisition that's been two years in the making.

BRTRC Federal Solutions has acquired SecureForce LLC in a move that bolster’s BRTRC’s cybersecurity presence.

Founded in 1985, BRTRC Federal Solutions is a management and technical services firm.

SecureForce is a cybersecurity, risk and compliance and information assurance services firm whose main customers include the Veterans Affairs Department, TSA, NASA, Freddie Mac, and the intelligence community.

SecureForce will give BRTRC a competitive edge in the marketplace, particularly with the cybersecurity expertise it brings, executives said.

“We see cybersecurity as wrapping around every backbone of this industry,” said Larry McDonald, partner and chief operating officer at BRTRC.

But it was also a good culture fit that helped spur the transaction. “We’re a ‘roll up your sleeves,’ hands-on firm,” McDonald said, and the employees at SecureForce, ones who McDonald said were known to work on the weekends to get the job done, made for a great connection.

The companies’ relationship began a two years ago when they teamed together on an Army contract and grew from there. Because of the connection, no investment banking firm was needed for the deal to get done; BRTRC and SecureForce had enough of an organic relationship, McDonald said.

This is BRTRC’s first acquisition since it was founded 25 years ago, and will add to its 300 employees another 15 to 20 employees from SecureForce. The value of the acquisition was not disclosed.