30 more named to $22B Eagle II contract

The Homeland Security Department made 30 awards in the service delivery category of the $22 billion EAGLE contract, splitting the awards between unrestricted competitors and 8(a) small businesses. Who got their ticket punched?

The Homeland Security Department opened the flood gates last week with 30 awards under its $22 billion EAGLE II procurement.

All the awards were made in functional category one for service delivery, which includes a range of services for developing, implementing and maintaining DHS IT systems.

Fifteen awards were made in the unrestricted competition category, and another 15 went to 8(a) small businesses. The contracts have a five-year base and a two-year option period.

The winners in the unrestricted category are:

  • Unicom (formerly GTSI). Teammates: AECOM/McNeil, and COLSA.
  • BAE Systems Information Solutions Inc. Teammates: ACS Federal Solutions LLC, CTSC, and AIC
  • IBM Corp. No teammates listed
  • Computer Sciences Corp. No teammates listed
  • HP Enterprise Services. No teammates listed
  • QinetiQ North America. No teammates listed
  • Phacil Inc. No teammates listed
  • CACI International. No teammates listed
  • Serco Inc. Teammate: MicroTech
  • L-3 Services Inc. Teammates: Abraxas Corp., M.C. Dean Inc., Sim-G Technologies and U.S. Information Technologies Corp.
  • Apptis Inc. Teammates: Akamai Technologies Inc., Amazon Web Services LLC, CollabNet Inc., and Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.
  • Allied Technology Group Inc. Teammates: Axiom Resource Management Inc. GLOTECH Inc., Preferred Systems Solutions Inc., and TDC, a division of Tech USA LLC
  • NCI Information Systems Inc. No teammates listed
  • Attain LLC. Teammates: Concurrent Technologies Corp., CDI Corp., MorphoTrak Inc., and AAC Inc.
  • Dell Services Federal Government Inc. Teammates: AT&T Inc., InfoReliance Corp., and Mainstay

The 15 8(a) winners and teammates are:

  • Valida-Tek-CITI LLC. Teammates: Alpha Technology Group Inc., Engineering, Software and Network Services, Netservices LLC, and SSB Inc.
  • Soft Tech Consulting Inc. Teammates: ASET Partners Corp., Chakrabarti Management Consultancy Inc., TRI-COR Industries Inc. and TGW Consulting LLC
  • Advanced C4 Solutions Inc. Teammates: Dev Technology Group Inc., InTec LLC, Best Value Technology Inc., and Strohmier Consulting LLC
  • B&D Consulting Inc. Teammates: OnSystem Logic LLC and Genesis M.O.
  • Sevatec Inc. Teammates: Kore Federal, Pyramid Systems Inc., Ingenium Corp. and Knight Point Systems LLC
  • Acuity Inc. Teammates: Advanced Software Systems Inc., Edgesource Corp. and Occam Solutions Inc.
  • eVenture Federal Solutions. Teammates: Automation Technologies Inc., RTR Technologies LLC, NAID, and Open System Sciences of Virginia
  • Enterprise Resource Planned Systems International LLC. Teammate: Alpha Ten Technologies Inc., DOMA Technologies LLC, James Secure Solutions Inc. and Veteran Enterprise Technology Services LLC.
  • Inserso Corp. Teammates: Panacea Consulting Inc., LogC2 Inc., Turner Consulting Group Inc., and CoreSys Consulting Services LLC
  • OpTech LLC. Teammates: Evoke Research and Consulting LLC, Phoenix Group of Virginia Inc., Smart Space Solutions Inc. and Technology Concepts & Design Inc.
  • Digital Management Inc. Teammate: Next Century Corp.
  • Ace Info Solutions Inc. Teammates: Applied Computing Technologies Inc. and Information Technology Coalition Inc.
  • Customer Value Partners Inc. Teammates: HMS Technologies Inc., TMI Consulting LLC, Fig Leaf Software, and Sypherlink Inc.
  • Trofholz Technologies Inc. Teammates: Computer Consulting Operations Specialists Inc., Security Access Design LLC, and Government Network Solutions
  • Miracle Systems LLC. Teammates: Intercom Federal Systems, MetroStar Systems, Network Specialty Group Inc., and Criterion Systems

In category one, DHS has now made awards in the unrestricted, small business, service-disabled, veteran-owned, HUBZone and 8(a) categories. This appears to complete the awards in category one.

In category two, which covers IT services, DHS has made awards to unrestricted and small businesses.

In category three, for independent test, validation, verification and evaluation, awards have been made in the small business and unrestricted competitions.