Lockheed wins $250M as part of Wyle's NASA team

As part of Wyle's team, Lockheed Martin has won a $250 million contract to assist Wyle with its work under NASA's Human Health and Performance Contract, including work on the Internatioanl Space Station.

Lockheed Martin's piece of Wyle's huge NASA contracts could be worth $250 million to provide a variety of services to the International Space Station.

Lockheed is part of Wyle's team on the $1.76 billion NASA Human Health and Performance Contract it won earlier this month.

The contract is used to monitor astronaut health and enable bioastronautics research that benefits life on Earth, Lockheed said in a statement.

Lockheed Martin will provide flight hardware development, facilitation of life sciences research conducted on the International Space Station and human factors engineering to optimize tools and experiments for astronauts in zero gravity.

The company will also provide radiation analysis, space food development, flight/ground crew training, and life sciences data archival services, the company said.

“Lockheed Martin has provided life sciences support at Johnson Space Center for more than 30 years and has supported America’s human spaceflight program for more than 50 years,” said Rick Hieb, vice president of exploration and mission support for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Solutions.

“Together with Wyle, we apply that experience to ensure the high quality of science on human space missions and leverage the knowledge gained in space to enhance life here on Earth,” Hieb said.

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