ISS wins $593M contract for intel analysis and data fusion

Intelligent Software Solutions has won the ASPERE contract, worth $593 million, to aid the Air Force in building software for building intelligence analysis and data fusion software.


Intelligent Software Solutions has won the Air Force’s $593 million Air Space Precision Engagement Research and Engineering contract to provide software development framework for building intelligence analysis and data fusion software.

Under the contract, which was awarded the Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate in Rome, N.Y., ISS will expand on its previous Web Enabled Temporal Analysis System Toolkit work, providing new innovations in areas such as intelligence analysis and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, or ISR.

Specific services to be provided include research, integration, testing, demonstration, operations and maintenance of groundbreaking technologies and concepts in support of the mission.

This vehicle provides the Air Force, Defense Department, intelligence agencies and other federal agecies with a software toolkit that provides a customizable data virtualization and analysis infrastructure for exploitation of temporal, spatial, entity and association information, report generation, incident reporting, workflow and query/search, ISS said in a release.

The contract’s goal is to develop solutions providing improved situational awareness to intelligence analysts and warfighters alike, the company said.

“The WebTAS-TK suite of tools has been used by dozens of organizations and tens of thousands of users over the past thirteen years. It’s been very fulfilling to be able to provide this rich but general set of capabilities to so many warfighters, license free over the years. This new contract will continue to expand the platform’s capabilities as well as make it available to even more organizations, dramatically improving the ability of the United States and its allies to understand and anticipate behaviors of its adversaries,” said Jay Jesse, ISS CEO.