Lockheed to help Coast Guard take health records wireless

Lockheed Martin Corp. will provide the U.S. Coast Guard with MONAXOffice system, which aims to improve the updating of electronic health recrods on wireless devices.

Lockheed Martin has won a $2.3 million contract to provide Coast Guard medical providers with a solution that will assist in the updating of electronic records on wireless devices.

The contract has a one-year base and four option years.

Lockheed will be providing a solution called MONAXOffice, which will allow the Coast Guard’s Integrated Health Information System staff wirelessly access and update electronic records at the point of care, Lockheed said.

The company will install the solution at the Coast Guard’s main operations system center and at three additional clinics. Training regarding how to integrate the system in other locations will be provided.

The MONAXOffice solution is intended to be implemented at 43 additional Coast Guard clinics after integration training is provided.