Lockheed expands cybersecurity alliance

Verizon becomes the 18th member of Lockheed Martin's Cyber Security Alliance.

Lockheed Martin Corp. has added another heavy hitter to its lineup of members of in its Cyber Security Alliance by bringing Verizon into the fold.

Verizon joins the likes of Dell, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix in the alliance, which Lockheed formed as a way to bring companies together to collaborate on cyber issues. Verizon is the 18th company to join the alliance.

The addition of Verizon means that the alliance will gain insights from the company’s annual report on data breach investigations. This year, Verizon analyzed 855 data breaches involving 174 million compromised records, the company said.

"Through close collaboration with the other Alliance members, we will work with Verizon to explore and identify emerging network defense capabilities to support customers in both government and commercial areas,” said Curt Aubley, vice president and chief technology officer of Lockheed’s NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center, which manages the alliance.